Citizens Bank of Americus Cards

Citizens MasterCard  Debit Card

The Citizens MasterCard Debit Card allows direct access to funds in your checking account.  The Debit Card can be used at any location that accepts MasterCard to make retail purchases or cash withdrawals at an ATM machine.

Please visit one of our convenient locations to sign up.

Citizens ATM Cards

Citizens Bank offers ATM Cards that can be used to make cash withdrawals from your checking or savings account.  They are accepted anywhere you see the MasterCard  logo.  Please visit one of our convenient locations to sign up today.

Debit and ATM Card Fraud Prevention Service

In our continuing efforts to keep your accounts secure, we’ve improved our alert system to help detect potential fraud. This new service protects you by watching over your Debit and ATM transactions 24/7 using state-of-the-art intelligence technology and skilled fraud experts. If we detect suspicious transactions, one of our fraud specialists will attempt to contact you right away. We’ll disable your card immediately if fraud is confirmed, and if you aren’t available, we’ll assign your card a special “watch” status until we know all is well.

 Important reminders:

Click here to learn how this service works and to see notification examples.

Health Savings Account (HSA) MasterCard Debit Card

Citizens Bank of Americus offers an HSA MasterCard Debit Card for use with our Health Savings Account.  Please visit one of our convenient locations to enroll or find out more information.

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

During non-business hours, please call 888-297-3416 to report a lost or stolen Debit or ATM card.  Our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to personally assist you with cancellation of your card during normal business hours.